“Because you take pride in your home”
Serving you since 1993
Products we Offer

        Natural Stone

     We stock top quality

   Armourstone, Flagstone,   Ledgerock, Mossy Rockery,     Jumbo Flag, Step Slabs,       and Random Drywall

   Interlocking Brick

   We offer the following manufacturers at competitive prices, usually within a week.             Permacon               Unilock               Hanson


    Plant Material

 We deal with a variety of    nurseries and growers to  stock a wide variety of plant  material that is unique, and     hardy in your landscape

    Bulk Materials

  We stock shredded cedar     mulch, black mulch, “O”     stone, screened topsoil,     gravel, sand, and clear   stone, as well as a variety   of other materials from time to time

 Landscape Accessories

  We also stock many other   materials to complete your  landscape such as Polymeric   sand, Edge restraints, Pond   skimmers, Stone adhesive,       Landscape fabric, etc

     Custom Work

   We can make, cut, split,   chop, grind, dig, lift, move,       and find just about   anything that you need for   your custom landscape, so  please don’t hesitate to ask


  Nature’s Choice is primarily focused on designing and installing custom landscapes for our customers.  In   doing so we source out,  and inventory an extensive range of top quality landscape products in our yard.  We are   more than happy to supply you with the products that you need.  If you do not see what you are looking for   please ask as we have developed an extensive network of suppliers that can find the products you need.  If you   wish to purchase product, please call to make an appointment.